• Christmas Cheer and Holiday Humbuggery

    Christmas Cheer and Holiday Humbuggery0

    Amid the Christmas season, it’s turned out to be standard to expect a specific number of private natives and open figures to pitch a fit over the inescapable idea of the occasion. Regardless of whether the showcase being referred to is a nativity scene in general society square or simply a welcome of “christmas images,”

  • Have You Heard of Hirsutism?0

    Hirsutism is a condition that leads to excessive hair growth in women.

  • Apple’s October 30 Event: New iPad, Mac Models Expected

    Apple’s October 30 Event: New iPad, Mac Models Expected0

    [ad_1] Apple said it will hold a product announcement October 30 in the New York borough of Brooklyn, likely to unveil new iPads and Mac computers. The invitation to media reads, “There’s more in the making,” without specifying what would be introduced. The Cupertino, California-based technology giant is planning the biggest revamp to the iPad

  • 1925 | In One Day, The Times Lost a World of Knowledge

    1925 | In One Day, The Times Lost a World of Knowledge0

    [ad_1] Photo Carr Vattel Van Anda Credit The New York Times David W. Dunlap is a Metro reporter and writes the Building Blocks column. He has worked at The Times for 39 years. Many of our colleagues are approaching the end of their Times careers this week in the latest of several rounds of buyouts and

  • Royal Caribbean’s ‘Smartship’ Avoids a Titanic Situation0

    [ad_1] “It’s the most technologically advanced cruise ship in the world,” the Royal Caribbean sales agent told me over the phone when I booked a trip aboard the Anthem of the Seas, the cruise line’s flashy new megaship, reported to be the third-largest cruise vessel ever built. “It’s what we call a ‘smartship.’ ” There’s

  • A Magnet for Titanic Fans in an Unexpected Graveyard0

    [ad_1] People have flocked to the small headstone for years, leaving flowers and love notes at what they believe is the final resting place of the man who inspired Leonardo DiCaprio’s doomed character, Jack Dawson, in the 1997 film “Titanic.” And you can see why: The inscription reads “J. Dawson died April 15, 1912.” Not

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