• The Case of the Magic Wine

    The Case of the Magic Wine0

    [ad_1] I just came across a strange but quite charming scientific study claiming that human thought alone can make wine taste better. This miracle of vinomancy is reported in a paper in Explore, a unique if often credulity-stretching Elsevier academic journal dedicated to “healing arts, consciousness, spirituality, eco-environmental issues, and basic science as all these

  • Body-snatching, not socialising, drove the evolution of bigger-brained insects

    Body-snatching, not socialising, drove the evolution of bigger-brained insects0

    [ad_1] Some insects, such as ants, lead famously social lives, with massive colonies of individuals, cooperating for a common good. These insects also tend to have unusually large brains. For over 150 years, this link has been tacitly taken as support for the idea that social animals need extra smarts to keep track of all

  • Boeing’s New Business Targets Computers Modelled on Human Brains0

    [ad_1] Boeing Co. is creating a new unit to focus on technology that’s seemingly straight out of science fiction, including super-fast computing that mimics the synapses of the human brain and hack-proof communications links based on applied quantum physics. So-called neuromorphic processing and quantum communications, two of the futuristic technologies Boeing wants to explore, may

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