Have You Heard of Hirsutism?

Have You Heard of Hirsutism?

Maybe you wonder what hirsutism is. I just recently found out!

Hirsutism is a condition that leads to excessive hair growth in women. The hair growth is usually male-pattern. It is not just an annoying condition, but can also have serious underlying conditions. PCOS is one of them.

The male-pattern hair growth is caused by a hormonal imbalance. Woman, who have hirsutism have to many male hormones. Those hormones are called androgens.

In order to treat hirsutism, doctors often prescribe birth control to balance the hormones. In addition many woman choose to use natural remedies like supplements and if obese, they try to lose weight. Zinc and magnesium are popular supplement. Many women also say, that drinking spearmint tea has helped them reduce the unwanted facial hair.

The consequences of hirsutism can be dangerous, as the unwanted hair often leads to social anxiety and depression. In order to treat hirsutism, you should talk to your doctor and decide what therapy is right for you.

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