How to get motivated and stay motivated always

How to get motivated and stay motivated always

How to get motivated and stay motivated always

Even though the word ‘motivate’ has significant presence in all practical scenarios of life, sometimes we take the word ‘motivate’ very lightly.

Now you may ask ‘Why do we take it lightly?’

I would like to make a point here, Immense Focus and Dedication towards a Subject = Motivation.

We cannot create this immense focus and dedication towards a subject unless until we LOVE the subject we are about to do.

It’s a natural phenomenon of a human mind to drop things or take it lightly which needs immense focus and dedication and on the other hand we usually focus much on things which need less focus and dedication. This kind of process happens because of LACK OF MOTIVATION OR CONSTANT SELF MOTIVATION to that particular SUBJECT or GOAL which gets dropped.

Motivation plays a very important role in one’s life. Let me share some tips to get motivated and stay motivated always.

how to get motivated

Tip No.1: Break your goal into pieces or in other words, into multiple tasks.

By dividing your goal into multiple tasks, you are few steps ahead in reaching your goal & you will not feel the heat of accomplishing the whole goal at a time. Each time when you accomplish a piece/task you get motivated in doing the next task.

how to get motivated

Tip No. 2: Set a Timeline for each task and complete it on time.

By finishing your task on time, you will accomplish your goal on time. Carry forwarding and stretching the goal will neutrally de-motivate you from doing it.

how to get motivated

Tip No. 3: Appreciate & give a treat yourself when you complete a task.

By doing this you will stay motivated through out the goal until you accomplish the whole goal.


Break the ‘DE’ from MOTIVATION, and it is certain you will soon reach your destiny.

Teach yourself the importance of accomplishing your goal in your life, how does the goal supports you in life and what you can acquire through accomplishing the goal. No one in this world would come and motivate you instantly in reaching your destiny. Its how well you get SELF MOTIVATED and involve yourself by understanding the structure of your life.


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  • Sheqo
    September 27, 2018, 12:36 pm

    Great information, motivation is the key to all success. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sruthy@Sheqo
      September 27, 2018, 1:21 pm

      You are Welcome..


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