Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

If you are in good health and do not suffer from gastritis, arthritis, GERD, or other inflammatory bowel conditions, coffee can be a healthy drink to enjoy, so long as it’s in moderation. Coffee is rich in phenols (a type of antioxidant), which provide protection against chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases (1,2,3,4).

Benefits of Coffee –

Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

1. Coffee boosts your physical performance

2. Coffee may help you lose weight and burn fats

3. Coffee reduces risk of cancers

4. Coffee Drinkers Have a Much Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

5. Coffee improves your blood circulation.

6. Coffee helps preserve your muscle tissue.

7. Coffee also protects your liver.

8. Coffee can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.

How Coffee is Healthy ?

Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

American Council of Health and Research came up with the fact that 3 cups of coffee a day can even prevent coronary heart disease and stroke as compared to the coffee non-drinkers. It works at the brain level affecting neurotransmitters release and inhibition along with managing the metabolic process.

A cup of black coffee can have a positive effect on the weight loss procedure. Coffee contains a compound called Chlorogenic acid which controls the release of glucose into the blood after digestion. Also, it slows down the procedure of adipogenesis i.e accumulation of fat. Compounds like chlorogenic acid and phenols like Hydroxycinnamic acid, are powerful oxidizing agents which reduce the risk of oxidative stress and accelerate the process of weight loss.

How Coffee is Unhealthy ?

Is Coffee Healthy or Unhealthy ?

– Bad coffee can be toxic

– Coffee can cause insomnia and restlessness

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning,stimulates hydrochloric acid production. This can be a problem because HCl should only be produced to digest meals. If your body has to make HCl more often in response to regular cups of coffee, it may have difficulty producing enough to deal with a large meal.

Yellowing of teeth and increased heart rate, insomia, stomach upset, headache and nausea are the most common side effects of drinking coffee every day. But it still depends on how much coffee you intake per day. If you drink like a cup or a little, there might be no side effects.

Source: Quora, Google

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