Rjukan,Norway-A Wonderful Place with No Sunlight

Rjukan,Norway-A Wonderful Place with No Sunlight

Rjukan,Norway-A Wonderful Place with No Sunlight :

Rjukan Norway
Rjukan is a town and the administrative centre of Tinn municipality in Telemark, Norway. It is situated in Vestfjorddalen between Møsvatn and Lake Tinn. Got its name after Rjukan Falls west of the town.
Weather: 16°C, Wind NW at 19 km/h, 43% Humidity

History of Rjukan,Norway:

Rjukan Norway

Rjukan was built between 1905 and 1916 after an entrepreneur called Sam Eyde bought the local waterfall. It was known as the smoking waterfall. They constructed a hydroelectric power plant there. Factories producing artificial fertilizer followed. Managers of these factories worried that their staff weren’t getting enough Sun. A cable car is constructed to give them access.

Is it a Dark Place with No Sunlight?

Rjukan Norway

It’s nestled between two towering Norwegian mountains a few hours west of Oslo. Snow slowly falls on the surrounding peaks and frozen waterfalls glisten in the weak afternoon twilight. Below on the valley floor the lights of the town twinkle.

Mirror replaced as Sun?

Rjukan Norway

The villages of Rjukan, Norway, and Viganella, Italy, are both situated in deep valleys where mountains block the sun’s rays for up to six months every year. To illuminate those darker winter months, the two towns have built gigantic mirrors that track the sun and reflect daylight downwards. Viganella completed its huge computer-controlled mirror in 2006, and Rjukan followed suit just this month, mounting a mirror that will reflect a 600 square meter (6,500 square foot) beam of sunshine into the town square below.


Rjukan Norway

Rjukan has a long history of tourism. Tourists have come to the narrow valley for over a century. Rjukan Falls is a famous landmark in Norway, and has been portrayed by several famous artists. The area has good terrain for skiing, and the town is a good starting point for hiking on the Hardangervidda plateau


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