Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

Japan has a surprising amount of, and diversity of, nature and landscapes. In fact, the 6,850-plus islands which unfurl in a 2,700 kilometer-long archipelago, from sub-arctic Hokkaido all the way to semi-tropical Okinawa and Iriomote in the south, almost in Taiwan, follow the volcanic, earthquake-prone Pacific Ring of Fire. If you travel to Japan and love watching Japanese movies, you should take the chance to become a ninja. In the ninja dojo of Tokyo, you can experience the ninja culture like wearing ninja uniforms, playing swords and learning ninja etiquette.

These are the Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit:

  • Chichibu/Okutama MountainsTop 5 Places in Japan to Visit

Even within Tokyo, the Chichibu/Okutama mountain ranges provide an escape from the big city. Highlights include Takaosan, popular year-round, with — on a clear day — a view of Fujisan to the west. On nearby Mitakesan, pilgrims have worshiped at the summit-top shrine for millennia.

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

    Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

 Visited by more than a million people each year, many from overseas, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Hiroshima Heiwa Kinen Kōen) lies at the epicenter of the atomic blast in what was once a bustling part of the city and includes a number of important monuments, memorials, and museums relating to the events of that fateful day.

  • The Japan AlpsTop 5 Places in Japan to Visit

Japan has its own Alps, a range — three, actually — of mountains which bisect main-island Honshu. Next to Fujisan, whose summit at 3776 meters (12,388 feet) is the highest point in Japan, these are the some of the highest mountains in Japan, many of them over 3,000 meters (9843 feet) in elevation.

  • Yakushima

    Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

They say it rains 35 days a month on this island just south of Kyushu. The ancient cedar rain forests, and waterfalls, make many peoples’ lists of power spots in Japan: it’s certainly hard to deny the pull of forests with trees which in some cases are reportedly up to 7,000 years old

  • Mount Fuji

Top 5 Places in Japan to Visit

 Japan’s most recognizable landmark, majestic Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) is also the country’s highest mountain peak, towering 3,776 meters over an otherwise largely flat landscape to the south and east, tall enough to be seen from Tokyo more than 100 kilometers away.

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