Where and Where not to Place Laughing Buddha

Where and Where not to Place Laughing Buddha

Where and where not to Place Laughing Buddha :

Symbol of good luck, prosperity and abundance

Where to place:

Should be placed facing south-east

laughing budha place

Given below are the Places where you should keep Laughing Buddha and Where not to keep him.

Where can be Placed Laughing Buddha ?

– Having Buddha on the dashboard of your car is Great as you get Blessing from him while travelling

– Good place might be the sitting room/living room.

– Place Buddha somewhere facing the front door- welcoming you home every evening after work, welcoming your guests, bidding them a fond farewell.

– Inside jacket pocket close to your heart is good.

– Placing Laughing Buddha on the work table helps in finding excellent career opportunities

– Laughing Buddha statue placed on study table aids in getting better concentration and excellence in academic performance.

– If the statue is installed in office then the positive outcome will be clarity of mind, tension reduction and elimination of negative energy.

Where cannot be Placed Laughing Buddha ?

– Do not place Buddha on the floor

–  Not in the bathroom

– Buddha in a position with your feet facing towards him

– Do not Place in your Private Bedroom.

– Buddha in the kitchen as he might get splashed with water,oil etc.


In Feng Shui, a Buddha can go anywhere. Its presence slows chi, and freshens the energy of the location. Its one of the few things which can go anywhere

If you rub the Buddha’s tummy, it brings you luck. Its basically superstition, but whatever floats your boat.

He is almost portrayed as smiling or laughing, hence the name Laughing Buddha was given to him. Sometimes, he is also referred to as Fat Buddha because of his fat belly.

Apart from his fat belly, he is depicted as a bald man wearing a robe or sometimes carrying prayer beads. He is often portrayed as entertaining and can be seen with children, especially five. As history suggests that Budai was a Chan monk who lived in China during the Later Liang period, i.e. 10th century. He was considered a man of good and loving character.

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Source: Google, Quora


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