Why Oats ? Top 10 Health Benefits of Oats

Why Oats ? Top 10 Health Benefits of Oats

Why Oats ? Top 10 Health Benefits of Oats  :

They are a very good source of vitamins and minerals. They are packed with fibers and anti -oxidants which are very good for body
Oats, known scientifically as Avena sativa, are a hardy cereal grain able to withstand poor soil conditions in which other crops are unable to thrive

Health Benefits of Oats


-Decrease Childhood Asthma
-Skin Care
-Weight Loss
-Rich in Antioxidants

Oats, unprocessed, dry
0.25 cup
(39.00 grams)
Calories: 152
GI: low
Nutrient : manganese 96%
molybdenum 64%
phosphorus 29%
copper 27%
biotin 26%
vitamin B 25%
magnesium 17%
fiber 17%
chromium 15%

Benefits :

Health Benefits of Oats

1.It has an antioxidant known as avenanthramide which is helpful in lowering the dangerous effects of free radicals and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

2. It maintains the blood pressure which causes several diseases.

3. Oats contain fibers which is beneficial to control the blood flow in all over the body and lower the risk of formation of blood clot, heart diseases, and stroke.

4. Oats improves the immunity system hence it prevents the several infections which is caused by the bacteria, virus and fungus.

5.Oats has fibers which improve the functioning of large intestine and bowel movements which reduce the risk of colon cancer and rectum cancer.

6.The high protein level in oats contains fatty acids and vitamin B which controls the weight of the body.

7.It also useful in curing many problems of the digestion such as stomach cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and diverticulosis

8.Oats has a great source of minerals, protein and vitamins which is useful in making strong muscles and bones

9.It has good source of fatty acids and carbohydrates which is beneficial for providing immediate energy to the body.

10.It is beneficial for removing the dandruff and dirt from the hair which prevents hair loss and keeps the hair healthy.

Health Benefits of Oats

How to Make it Interesting ?

There are many ways in which you can make your oats interesting. You can go beyond your breakfast cereal and bake cookies made of oats. You can also sprinkle them on your pancakes and bread or add them to your smoothie to increase your fiber intake. You can also add fruits like bananas or berries to your bowl of oats and make it tastier according to your liking.

How it is Diabetes Friendly ?

Oatmeal is a perfect substitute for meals high in sugar and saturated fat. It helps to control the level of glucose in your bloodstream and also delivers your daily need of fiber. People suffering from uncontrolled diabetes can abundantly benefit from consuming oats although it is essential to keep in mind that you should not add sugary toppings or any other synthetic ingredients to your oats so that it retains all the nutrients which are already present in it.

How Oats Fill You Up ?

Oats are packed with fiber which keeps you full for a while. A bowlful of cooked oats contains only about 150 calories and yet it manages to stave off your hunger because of its high fiber content. The absorption and digestion process slows down when you eat oats thereby restricting your appetite and calorie intake. Oats keep you full for a longer time than other calorie-rich meal and delays the hunger pangs.

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Source : Google, Quora

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